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Tested and Approved ⎮ Increase the Efficiency of a Wood Stove

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How can I increase the efficiency of my wood stove?

Researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo and Caframo collaborated on a scientific study aimed at measuring the reduction of Ventil'Home.

The team developed a protocol and procedures to measure, evaluate and verify the effectiveness of eco-friendly fans in reducing the amount of fuel used. Conducted under controlled conditions, the tests were designed to maintain a human comfort level of 22.5°C (72.5°F).

The test setup was designed as a room within a room. The interior room resembled a living room with a wood stove, sofa, finished floors, ceilings and walls; and the exterior room was set up to control the exterior temperature, modeling the heat loss of a typical house. Made in winter 2010, Ecofan.

Representatives from the University of Waterloo verified the accuracy of the data

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Stéphane L.

Stéphane L.

J’ai découvert ce ventilateur et j’ai aussitôt commander, le resultat est vraiment sympa, il ne fais pas de bruit tout en déplaçant beaucoup d’air chaud devant lui ce qui augmente considérablement la chauffe de ma salle à manger. le rendement de mon poêle à bois est largement amélioré et ma consommation à diminuer. Je recommande ce Ventil’Home à toute les personnes qui ont un poêle à bois. Merci

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