How it works ?


Due to the fact that heat rises; most of that released by your stove escapes directly above and is therefore lost. This means that you do not really feel all the benefits of your stove or after a long time (which leads to high consumption of wood or pellets).

By placing EcoFire® on your stove, the heat from your stove will be pushed horizontally into the room. With the additional power of convection, you no longer rely solely on radiated heat - you will benefit from a warmer living space, and a lower wood or pellet bill.


EcoFire® does two things; firstly, it maintains the optimal temperature (around 22°C) and secondly, it draws almost all of the hot air released by your stove into the room, thus creating improved air flow. Our fans are not designed to blow air in the same way as a cooling fan, but rather generate a constant, gentle flow of air into the room. You won't feel the gusts of air coming from the fan, but instead you will notice a more comfortable and even temperature throughout your living space.


So, although at first it may seem like a quick fix, EcoFire® actually works on a simple principle:

The heat produced by your stove will heat the base of the EcoFire®. Once it reaches a temperature of around 50°C, the Peltier module (thermo-electricity) will convert this heat into electricity and power a small electric motor which will turn the propeller blades.

Finally, all the heat released by your stove will be "sucked" by the blades and propelled directly to the center of the room rather than vertically.


Her security system allows you to stop instantly as soon as an obstacle crosses the propellers. So don't worry about your fingers!