Legal Notice

Legal Notice


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Sofia, Bulgaria


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Work law
The rights of representation and reproduction of the works present on the site belong to their authors and to ECOFIRE.
Their joint authorization is necessary for any exploitation of these rights.
Your rights over the purchased work are therefore limited to a right of private use, excluding any right of representation and reproduction.

Intellectual property rights
The site is the property of ECOFIRE...

All elements present on the site and the site itself are protected by copyright, trademark law, designs and models and/or any other intellectual property rights.
By elements, we mean in a non-exhaustive manner: photographs, images, drawings, illustrations, texts, videos, logos, brands, models, software, etc.
These elements belong to ECOFIRE or are used with the agreement of their respective authors/owners.

For any questions, requests or further information, write to: contact@

Personal data
EcoFire collects personal information on different occasions: ordering, creating an account, subscribing to our EcoFire newsletters, recommending the site to your friends, sponsorship,
questionnaires to learn about your tastes and interests.
The information that you communicate to us may be subject to computerized processing in order to allow the processing of your file, the security of payments, the shipping of the ordered work and the implementation of commercial actions.
This information may, therefore and exclusively for the aforementioned purposes, be communicated, in France and abroad, to public organizations or private companies.

Data security
The personal information that you entrust to ECOFIRE is stored on the secure servers of our host Shopify Inc. (excluding banking data).
Access to this information is protected and limited to the recording and processing of your orders, statistical operations allowing us to improve our services.
and services such as sending newsletters, photo alerts, recommendation to a friend or sponsorship.
When you pay for an order on, you enter your bank details directly into the secure Paypal server. Your banking data is encrypted.

They do not circulate unencrypted on the internet and cannot be intercepted. ECOFIRE does not have knowledge of your bank details.

Cookies are a text file sent by our site to your browser and stored on your computer. The site uses a cookie in 2 cases:

- to facilitate your connection to the customer account by automatically recognizing you. This only if you have expressed your wish by checking the corresponding box.
- to allow you to find the contents of your basket up to 60 days after your visit to our site.

The cookie only takes into account your actions carried out on It does not allow us in any way to know the other sites that you have visited or that you will visit.

You have the option to delete your cookies. However, for each new visitor to a new cookie will be set up.

In internet explorer
1. From the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”.
2. In the "General" or Browsing History tab, click on the "Delete cookies" button and validate
In firefox
1. In the "Tools" menu, "Internet Options" submenu, select "Clear My Tracks".
2. Select “cookies” and validate
If you prefer, you can browse without cookies. By browsing without cookies you will not be able to save your connection details to the ECOFIRE* customer account,

nor find the contents of your basket.

To browse without cookies,

1. With internet explorer
2. From the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”.
The “Confidentiality” tab select the “block all cookies” level and validate
With firefox
1. In the “Tools” menu, “Internet Options” submenu, select “Privacy”.
2. Uncheck the “Accept cookies” box and validate

Intellectual property
The content of this site, in particular the brands, logos, designs, texts, photos, videos, etc., is the exclusive property of EcoFire. Any reproduction or use without authorization is prohibited. The EcoFire brand is registered and protected with INPEE.